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Free Marketing Consultations for Small Business

Is your small business struggling?

Across the globe, many businesses are struggling. They’re struggling to get their goods into the hands of their customers, to keep their staff employed and productive, and to keep their cash flow going. In times of uncertainty, it’s easy to let fear control your decisions. The problem with fear is that it blinds you to opportunity. Even now, there are many opportunities to improve and protect your business.

New challenges require creative solutions

The only way for you to seize as opportunity is if you know that it exists. Right now, many businesses feel lost, uncertain of how they can best prepare themselves for success in this rapidly shifting economy. Is it better to shut down for now, conserve resources, then re-open in the coming months as social distancing rules are loosened? Maybe it’s best to invest in developing new areas of your business, so you’re ready to take a step forward when things return to normal.

The truth is, it’s different for every business.

Your business is unique in many ways. Its size, location, staff, and a million other factors determine which challenges your business faces, and which opportunities are available to you. There is no magic marketing technique that can help every business equally. That’s why you need a plan.


We can help you get started – for free.

Nobody knows your business better than you do. However, it doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion. We work with small and mid-sized businesses from Denmark to Colorado, helping them advertise effectively, track their business performance, and connect with their customers in new and effective ways. Even if your business is paused for the time being, we can help you understand where to focus your resources so you’re prepared for success in the weeks and months to come.


For a limited time, we’re offering a free, no-obligation business assessment and digital consultation for all small businesses. This package includes:


  • A xx point website and social media audit to help you find opportunities for improvement.
  • A half-hour phone or teleconference meeting with one of our senior staff to discuss your unique business challenges and concerns.
  • A support package with ideas and suggestions from our team to yours, based on what we know works for our current clients.


We’re confident that this consultation will leave you with fresh ideas and a more optimistic outlook on your business. We’ll include transparent pricing for any recommended services, including options for a 12-month, interest free payment plan on any and all work. Now is the right time to build better processes and implement new marketing tools to protect the health of your business. If you’d like to know what we can do for you, connect with us now. We’re here to help.


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