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What does it mean to be creative? For us, it simply means creating. We don’t just build websites or design event posters, we create experiences that resonate with your customers. In a crowded global market, we search for new opportunities to help you stand apart from the crowd.  You don’t need what everyone else has; you need what they don’t.

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what makes blackbean special?

Kelowna’s a busy place, and getting busier every day. You have options. Why choose us? Well, we’re more than just a website factory. When you work with us, you work with us. Need new business cards? Give Laura a call. Want a slick new website? Talk to Dana. Looking to advertise, but don’t know where to start? Grant will help you. Our team builds personal connections with every client. At BlackBean, you’re not just another account.

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part of our family

At BlackBean, we’re long-term relationship folk. When you work with us, you’re building a partnership that will last. We aren’t waiting for the next big thing to drop into our laps; we’re working to make you the next big thing. If you want exceptional work with a personal touch, you’ve come to the right place.

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A Day in the Life: Designing a Logo

A Day in the Life: Designing a Logo

At BlackBean, we love our clients. Without you, there’s no BlackBean, and we don’t get to do the rewarding, fun, challenging work we do. However, if there’s one point of contention, one bone to pick with our beloved family of clients, it’s in them misunderstanding the work we do. Much like any skills-based industry, from engineering to automotive mechanics, there’s a lot of misinformation, confusion, or lack of understanding about what exactly we do.

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Same Songs, New Artwork: Reissues, Compilations, and 4 Brand Philosophies

Same Songs, New Artwork: Reissues, Compilations, and 4 Brand Philosophies

At the end of each year, I like to play a game. I call it ‘Do I Feel Old Yet?’. The rules are simple: look at a list of the top movies, songs, albums, or news stories from ten years ago. Do they feel like they happened a long time ago? If so, you’re doing well! You’re keeping up, staying current. However, when the top song list starts feeling your favourite Spotify daily mix, and the news stories feel like current events, you know you’re slipping.

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