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What does it mean to be creative? For us, it simply means creating. We don’t just build websites or design event posters, we create experiences that resonate with your customers. In a crowded global market, we search for new opportunities to help you stand apart from the crowd.  You don’t need what everyone else has; you need what they don’t.

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what makes blackbean special?

Kelowna’s a busy place, and getting busier every day. You have options. Why choose us? Well, we’re more than just a website factory. When you work with us, you work with us. Need new business cards? Give Laura a call. Want a slick new website? Talk to Dana. Looking to advertise, but don’t know where to start? Grant will help you. Our team builds personal connections with every client. At BlackBean, you’re not just another account.

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part of our family

At BlackBean, we’re long-term relationship folk. When you work with us, you’re building a partnership that will last. We aren’t waiting for the next big thing to drop into our laps; we’re working to make you the next big thing. If you want exceptional work with a personal touch, you’ve come to the right place.

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Hockey, Cane Toads, and Doing the Correct Thing: The Value of Business Intelligence

Hockey, Cane Toads, and Doing the Correct Thing: The Value of Business Intelligence

How’s that for a title? Sometimes, inspiration comes from unexpected sources. Actually, I’d argue it usually does. This article is a great example of that. It all starts with hockey. I’m a subscriber to the Athletic, a premium sports reporting platform that’s made huge strides in the last couple years, poaching talent from all manner

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Do You Really Need a Website?

Do You Really Need a Website?

There’s really little left to say about the world ‘going digital’. We went digital a decade ago; since then, the reach and importance of connecting with your customers online has only grown. If anything, it’s accelerating. In 2017, 13% of all retail sales occurred online, compared to 11.6% the year before.

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