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Increase website lead generations for uLoan Canada, a private lending company.


Build a modern, attractive Google AdWords-ready lead generation website.

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uLoan Canada needed a new website. Not just wanted one, or wouldn’t mind one. It was a need. Private lending companies like uLoan face stiff competition, both from each other and from the banks. Falling behind is simply not an option.

Before you start building a website, you need to understand what it’s meant to do. Some website sell products directly. Others collect leads. In any case, they have to communicate their message quickly and effectively to their target clientele. You need to offer customers a way to get your product, but you also need to tell them why they need it.

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With uLoan, we looked at every piece of their website and asked ourselves, why is this here? What is it meant to do? Who does it speak to? If we couldn’t come up with a good answer, we scrapped it. In the end, we scrapped a lot. It was time to fill those empty spaces with useful selling tools.

uLoan needed a lead generation website. That’s the entire purpose of their online presence and our primary goal with this redesign: getting more phone calls and emails. Before we engaged with uLoan, their website was flat. Inert. If a prospective customer landed on their homepage, they weren’t enticed to take action.

uloan New Homepage

The website needed to brighter, cleaner, and more informative. It needed to be easy to take action, whether that meant placing a phone call or filling out a form. At every turn, their audience needed the opportunity to reach out. For each main service, we built advertising-ready landing pages. We engineered their content to drive sales and perform exceptionally well in Google AdWords, formatting them to catch the eye and look great on desktop and mobile. Designing with lead generation in mind is a different sort of creative challenge. You want the page to look great, of course — but you also want it to generate calls and emails like crazy. The solution is to design boldly, simply, and directly. Keep it practical and no-frills. That’s what we did, and it’s working.

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uLoan’s new website is an immediate improvement in every measurable way. More users make it to the site. They stay longer and view more pages. Most importantly, they take action. A month after website launch, slightly more than 10% of traffic made a phone call or sent an email via a contact form.

Designing with a goal in mind. That’s how you get results.

“What can I say beyond five stars!? From initial consult, through site build and even follow up, Laura, Grant and the BlackBean team exceeded our expectations at every step. A new website build can be intimidating but BlackBean’s energy and passion for the industry shows at every step, making it actually fun, efficient, and worth every penny. Thank you so much!”

—Greg Thompson, Director at uLoan

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