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Establish a brand and package design for a new natural health product line.


Use market insights to produce a colourful brand with an adaptable name.

Tanya Gervais has big plans for her brand. Owner of Kelowna’s Lotus Massage Therapy, Tanya has long been interested in safer alternatives to conventional health and beauty products. Many products, from deodorants and antiperspirants to lotions and cosmetics contain harsh chemicals with unproven safety records. Of particular concern was sunscreen. While it’s essential for Kelowna’s hot summers, most sunscreens are absorbed into the skin, potentially cause hormonal issues or even skin cancer – not to mention their devastating impact on coral reefs.

Tanya’s idea was to produce a new, natural sunscreen, using zinc oxide to reflect harmful UVA & UVB rays, and natural oils and additives to improve skin health and resilience. She had the product figured out. Now she needed to bring it to market.

Enter BlackBean. We partnered with Tanya to conduct market research, develop a brand, and design packaging for her product. Our first priority was to assess the viability of her product. We developed a marketing strategy outlining her main competitors, target markets, and sales and advertising methods. Once we were confident the product was viable, we shared our findings and moved on to brand development.

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Fleshing out this brand required some special consideration. While the initial product offering is a sunscreen, we didn’t want to limit our ability to grow the product line in the future. We worked with Tanya to produce some loose concepts, finally settling on Just Products. Just Products is a flexible brand that allows for growth into many market segments. ‘Just’ plays on two key brand concepts, ‘just’ meaning ‘only’ or ‘simply, and ‘just’ as in justice, or the right thing to do. We selected bold, slightly retro colours and fonts to differentiate the product from others on the shelf. For the initial launch, two products will be featured: Just Sun Butter, a thicker product, and Just Sun Lotion, a more traditional sunscreen.

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