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Owner of Kelowna’s Lotus Massage Therapy, Tanya has long been interested in safer alternatives to conventional health and beauty products. Many products, from deodorants and antiperspirants to lotions and cosmetics contain harsh chemicals with unproven safety records. Of particular concern was sunscreen.

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uLoan Canada needed a new website. Not just wanted one, or wouldn’t mind one. It was a need. Private lending companies like uLoan face stiff competition, both from each other and from the banks. Falling behind is simply not an option. Before you start building a website, you need to understand what it’s meant to do.

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Forbidden Spirits

Our goal was to breathe life into Hired Guns’ designs, providing a consistent brand experience across devices and platforms. From the menagerie of beasts that greet you on the homepage to the fallen angel on their Rebel Vodka page, this clean design is simply heavenly. Forbidden spirits is our little slice of divine inspiration. An up-and-coming vodka distillery and event destination.

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XChange Kelowna

The XChange was at a crossroads. No pun intended. The small bar’s sales were slumping, and they simply couldn’t gain traction in Kelowna’s central Landmark District, far from the bustling downtown waterfront region. They knew it was time to change things up. We engaged with the XChange to develop a new marketing strategy and revitalize their visual brand, in print and on the web.

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