A women's Perspective on Business Ownership

A Woman’s Perspective On Business Ownership

There wasn’t many differences in what my parents did at home: they were equals. I don’t know exactly what went on behind the scenes, but from my perspective as a little girl in Switzerland in the 80s, there was nothing odd about my Mom building custom metal furniture with her welding kit (she did get it) and my Dad putting on solo art exhibitions.

Blackbean designing a logo header

A Day in the Life: Designing a Logo

At BlackBean, we love our clients. Without you, there’s no BlackBean, and we don’t get to do the rewarding, fun, challenging work we do. However, if there’s one point of contention, one bone to pick with our beloved family of clients, it’s in them misunderstanding the work we do. Much like any skills-based industry, from engineering to automotive mechanics, there’s a lot of misinformation, confusion, or lack of understanding about what exactly we do.

Blackbean Leaf

A Fresh Perspective on Our National Identity

A few weeks ago, our team was able to attend a screening of designer Greg Durrell’s debut film, Design Canada. Design Canada is the story of our country’s modern history, told through dialogue with the designers of some of Canada’s most recognizable symbols. A labour of love that took five years to complete

Do You Really Need a Website?

There’s really little left to say about the world ‘going digital’. We went digital a decade ago; since then, the reach and importance of connecting with your customers online has only grown. If anything, it’s accelerating. In 2017, 13% of all retail sales occurred online, compared to 11.6% the year before.

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