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Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It...

We were awarded the contract for Tourism Mission's new website through a competitive public bidding process. The goal of the website is to encourage short trips to the small B.C. community, from a single afternoon of exploring to a weekend of camping, fishing, or mountain biking. Mission's colourful past — spanning everything from train robberies to soap box derbies — ensures that there's something to enjoy for everyone. Our job was to broadcast that message to the world.


  • The District of Mission is a small in-land community near BC's south coast, situated on the edge of the Coast Mountains and the banks of the Fraser River
  • Mission is situated just north of the large community of Abbotsford, off the main highway leading to Vancouver. Many travellers may not be aware of the attractions Mission has to offer
  • Mission is a patchwork community incorporating many cultures and events that attract a wide variety of demographics. Any tourism website needed to speak to all these demographics


We built the Tourism Mission website around the concept of 'Choosing Your Mission', using a simple quiz to select several potential adventures in the Mission area based on the user's needs and interests. This allows users to find relevant information in a fun and easy way. Additionally, Tourism Mission makes extensive use of high quality crowd-sourced content through its AMP Travel gallery integration, showcasing the best that Mission has to offer, as determined by its residents and visitors.
  • Events listings feature prominently across the website, helping viewers plan their trip
  • The custom Choose Your Mission quiz is an elegant way to help visitors find information relevant to their interests
  • A strong emphasis on mobile-first design ensures that users on all devices get a great experience, site-wide


Tourism Mission is scheduled to launch in November 2020 and then we'll be able to tell you everything about it!

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