SOPA Square

Less Lost, More Found

SOPA Square is a mixed residential and commercial property in the South Pandosy neighbourhood of Kelowna, BC, Canada. SOPA Square features dozens of restaurants and small businesses, from medical clinics to kickboxing gyms. It's also where we work! When we moved into SOPA Square, it became apparent that customers found the building difficult to navigate. Some businesses faced the street on the ground floor, while others could only be accessed via the courtyard or from the second floor. SOPA Square strata contracted us to develop improved signage and wayfinding for SOPA Square.


  • The SOPA Square building is large with many entrances, both inside and outside its courtyard area
  • Customers struggled to find the business they were looking for, often getting lost on the wrong floor or in the wrong hallways
  • Business signage inside SOPA was inconsistent and did not conform to SOPA brand standards


We began by researching successful and relevant wayfinding projects from around Canada, identifying best practices to incorporate in our own work. Based on the standards we established, we produced both indoor and outdoor signage including floor maps, floor-by-floor business directories, and a directory pillar in the centre of the courtyard. Finally, we coordinated with other SOPA business owners to create consistent signage for every business.
  • Made business signage clearer and more consistent
  • Designed large-format signage to be displayed in prominent locations throughout SOPA Square
  • Oversaw printing and installation of all signage


Upon installation of signage, the rate of lost or confused customers fell. Business signage across the building looks and feels unified, improving the SOPA brand experience.

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