ClearSolv Solvents, Inc.

Seizing an Opportunity

When we first engaged with ClearSolv in 2019, they were a startup solvent distributor with an unfinished SquareSpace website and no means to collect online leads. ClearSolv had their sights set on attracting clients in the cosmetics, cannabis, and botanical extraction industries. They needed a marketing partner who understood their needs and could communicate their message to customers effectively.


  • ClearSolv's client base was limited and they had no online marketing funnel to generate leads
  • Their brand was incomplete. They required a new logo and a variety of branded materials including business cards and trade show materials
  • Their sales team needed a lead generation website with targeted content that spoke to purchasing departments at extraction, cosmetics, and manufacturing businesses
  • ClearSolv needed a strategy to generate website leads at a reasonable cost per acquisition


The Solution Our first steps were to research the solvent and chemical supply industry, identifying competitors and learning industry terminology. We then applied our research to the branding process, producing a brand identity that spoke to their audience. Once the brand was completed and approved, we developed a responsive WordPress website, writing content for each page intended to drive conversions. After the website was complete, a Google search advertising campaign was strategized and launched to drive traffic to the website.
  • ClearSolv's new brand transformed their online and trade show presence, increasing brand recall and credibility
  • The new website features many calls to action and a variety of ways to request a quote. Website content is highly relevant and conversion focused
  • Conversion tracking and traffic analytics provide ClearSolv with valuable customer insights
  • The advertising campaign spans North America, using both search and display advertising to generate leads.


While many businesses struggled through the early days of the COVID-19 crisis, ClearSolv thrived. Taking advantage of increased demand for solvents such as isopropyl and denatured ethyl alcohol, we proactively scaled up our advertising, focusing our campaigns on medical manufacturers and hand sanitizer production. Since March 15 2020, the advertising campaign has generated an average of 6.5 leads per day from businesses across Canada and the US. Leads from ads comprise over 80% of all recorded leads in 2020.
  • Scaling the advertising campaign aggressively and early allowed ClearSolv to dominate paid search results through the height of the COVID-19 crisis, resulting in explosive growth
  • The updated website generated nearly 700 combined phone calls and form submissions from January to May 31 2020, at an average cost per lead below $20 CAD

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