You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Let's get it out of the way. Yeah, this is our case study. A case study about us. As a business and as individual professionals, our team keeps pressing forward, learning and growing. It's how we put our best foot forward for each client: do our very best, then wake up the next day and try to do better.


We think our new website reflects that perfectly. In the past four years, BlackBean went from BlackBean Design to BlackBean Creative to just BlackBean. Our focus shifted, our priorities became more clear. We wanted that clarity to shine through on our own website. Call it leading by example.
  • Our brand and target audience shifted over time, while our website stagnated
  • In the past year, we've focused heavily on performance — launching our own hosting that beats the competition at a lower price, learning new development techniques to reduce load speeds and boost security, implementing faster processes to get your project up and running faster than ever. Our website needs to reflect that
  • We know where our audience finds us. For about half of them, it's from a mobile phone. Our new website needs to work as well (or better!) for mobile users as it does for desktop users. Mobile-first design, carefully considered


We chose to scrap everything and start fresh. Rather than re-design the site, we chose to re-imagine it entirely. Instead of pages, we have slides. We wanted to put functionality first — make it easy for you to get what you need, and make sure that it never takes long to get where you're going.
  • Built with WordPress, Oxygen Builder, and a ton of sneaky optimization that keeps everything humming along
  • Designed mobile-first with unique experiences for each device size. A treat to navigate, however you choose to do it
  • Our clients are the artwork, we're just the gallery. A clean, minimal design that doesn't distract


...speak for themselves.

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