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The Science of Decision Making

A couple weeks ago, we talked about the importance of knowing what the correct thing to do is, at least as it pertains to marketing. In that post, I touched on the value of data analysis when making decisions. This week, I wanted to do a quick case study of what data-driven decision making might look like, as opposed to purely insight (or guesswork) based decision making.

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Blackbean designing a logo header

A Day in the Life: Designing a Logo

At BlackBean, we love our clients. Without you, there’s no BlackBean, and we don’t get to do the rewarding, fun, challenging work we do. However, if there’s one point of contention, one bone to pick with our beloved family of clients, it’s in them misunderstanding the work we do. Much like any skills-based industry, from engineering to automotive mechanics, there’s a lot of misinformation, confusion, or lack of understanding about what exactly we do.

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Blackbean Creative Cane Toad

Hockey, Cane Toads, and Doing the Correct Thing: The Value of Business Intelligence

How’s that for a title? Sometimes, inspiration comes from unexpected sources. Actually, I’d argue it usually does. This article is a great example of that. It all starts with hockey. I’m a subscriber to the Athletic, a premium sports reporting platform that’s made huge strides in the last couple years, poaching talent from all manner

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